Introducing ReVision

ReVision is a practical writing course developed by a dedicated team of volunteer educators. Our course enriches students’ skills in reading, writing, and verbal communication, and equips them to complete their GEDs, apply to jobs, and/or successfully complete other constructive, career-oriented tasks which require writing and composition skills.

The ReVision program develops practical writing skills in individuals who are striving for gainful employment upon reentry into society.


ReVision is a practical writing course developed by a dedicated team of volunteer educators, each of whom possesses years of teaching experience. Our goal with this curriculum is to help students practice key transferable skills for effective communication throughout the job application and interview process.

We want every student to leave the course a better writer who is confident in speaking about their cover letter by practicing 4 concrete skills: Critical thinking, Standard essay writing, Cover letter preparation, and Oral presentation.

Cover Letters

Throughout 2020, millions of Americans faced long periods of unemployment. The traditional resume format makes it difficult to explain these gaps in employment. A cover letter allows candidates to make a case for themselves by telling their professional and personal journey together. A 2017 Jobvite Study that found a profound shift in recruiting strategies was emerging, even before the pandemic. At the end of 2021, the hiring website saw that employers were becoming less concerned with employment gaps. 

For previously incarcerated individuals, this may mean a cover letter can compensate for existing hiring practices which place them at a disadvantage. The Prison Policy Initiative compiled a nationally representative dataset. They also found that formerly incarcerated people experienced an unemployment rate nearly five times higher than the general United States population in 2017. As the labor market tightens, there is an opportunity to address these sobering statistics. We can increase our labor pool of qualified candidates who are ready to work in our communities.